List of hands-on

Forum documentation (Discourse)
Documentation on how to use the dedicated forum for this course
Weeks 1 and 2 : Setup of the environment
Installation of Unity3D, adb and configuration of the $PATH
Week 3 : Introduction to Unity 3D
Discovery of Unity3D mechanics
Week 4 : Setup of a basic scene for the Oculus Quest
Creating a simple scene for the Oculus Quest, compile, debug, push the build to the HMD and record videos
Week 5 : Design of an interaction
Design a simple interaction using the Oculus Quest's Touch Controllers
Week 6 : Structuring collection behavior and callbacks
Design of a structure to collect items, derviate those items with upgrades allowing new features and callbacks
Week 7 : Finger tracking and locomotion
Setup a scene with the finger tracking and design a locomotion method